More often than not, we tend to get frustrated with things that others do, things that we do, events and actions that are partially or entirely out of our control, and end up either frustrated, agitated, angry or just give up on the idea that things would change or get better.

Holding ourselves or others accountable for things that are not in our control is the easiest way to spoil our mood and being constantly frustrated. Why is it that we constantly end up in this loop that is so non-productive? It's our frame of mind towards the problems that we face. It also stems from our unrealistic expectations from the world.

What we do have control over is how we think about these problems and our approach towards it. At such a point, we should ask ourselves -
*Can I do something about it?
*Why is it that these things bother me?
*Do I have a sense of entitlement - either from others, or from the world?
*Are my expectations in line, or are they a little over the top?

When we stop and ask ourselves these questions, we realize that our frame to accurately assess the situations and act/react to them may be off and need realigning. A good framework to keep our frame of thought in check is to constantly ask WHY? till we understand the root cause.