...everybody would do it! What would make you different, and ultimately the same?

Brick-walls exist for a reason. They are there to stop those who do not want it bad enough. Nothing ever comes easy in life and nothing should ever come easy in life. It makes us entitled assholes, when it does come easy to us most of the time.

As Seneca would say -

You are unfortunate in my judgement, for you have never been unfortunate. You have passed through life with no antagonist to face you; no one will know what you were capable of, not even yourself.

So, be it your college application, an application for a new job, a tougher role, move to a different industry - take it head-on, for life is not easy. Most of the people are only there to stop you from achieving what you want to do. Smile slyly and say - "Challenge Accepted!".

These brick-walls separate us from those who do not want it bad enough. None of us is entitled for whatever we want to achieve. Go earn it, and bask in the glory of beating that challenge!